Hey there! If we haven't met before, my name's Kristen and I'm an extension and blonding specialist in Northeast Ohio. I've been a licensed stylist since 2011 and I love what I do now more than ever before. 

So what does "specialist" mean anyways? Does that mean I only do blondes & extensions? Not at all! It's just a small area of my career that I've  spent a lot of time on with advanced trainings & education.

In fact, blonding isn't just for blondes. Anyone who is adding lighter pieces to their hair, weather it be sun kissed caramels or bright platinums is having a "blonding" service done to achieve that look. No worries brunettes & redheads I have love for you too!

 In early 2019 I started offering SKW hand-tied extensions and let me tell you, the confidence and empowerment I've seen them bring to countless women in my chair has made this my favorite service hands down. How can you not be hooked on making people feel amazing?

The salon truly is my happy place because I have the pleasure of working with the most  incredible guests on the planet. Seriously, you guys really get me excited to come in to work every morning! 

Enough about how much I love my job. Aside from being a hairstylist, I'm also a wife, dog mom, amature crossfitter, and lover of all things chocolate. I have a 4 year old Border Collie, and an amazing husband who supports me in all of crazy endeavors. 

 I can't wait to welcome you into my little corner of the salon & see what we have in common!